Eric, Taj and JD first joined forces at North Carolina State University, where they ran
the yard doing everything from selling Canal Street knock-offs to promoting cultural events like the Way
Back Home international student potlucks. Simultaneously the two were studying marketing and design
and putting those concepts to work branding small businesses. The work continued with the addition of
DRC Apeparel’s international streetwear and a foray into screenprinting, which allowed MacFly Fresh to
seize their means of production. It’s been on and popping since.

MacFly Fresh is more than a design firm with global streetstyle and a passion for
collaboration. It’s an investor in youth from North Carolina to the Congo, building skills and employment
opportunities. Already the official choice for live screen printing at arts and music festivals nationwide,
MacFly Fresh is launching a flagship creative suite in Charlotte’s Camp NorthEnd arts incubator. We’re
ready to refresh the world!

1. A one-stop shop experience for businesses and artists to realize a custom, fresh brand
This includes print and digital services, hand-crafted screen printing and design, promotions and event
services all under the same roof to provide our partners the seamless consistency and quality they
expect and deserve.

2. Student internships with designers, developers and other creatives
Through DRCApeparel and other branches, MacFly Fresh has been training and mentoring youth for over
a decade. From the West Side of Charlotte to Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, MacFly Fresh is
exposing young people to screen printing techniques, graphic design concepts and best business
practices. These youth are building cross-cultural bridges and seeing beyond their immediate
surroundings to a wider context of global influence. MacFly Fresh plans to expand the internship
program with partnerships at nearby high schools and universities.

3. Interactive Activations
The space will be a whirlwind of creative energy as MacFly Fresh supports local and international artists.
Tiny Desk-styled concerts, art exhibits, tastemaker events, podcasts, and video and photo shoots are
only a few of the ways the MacFly Fresh space will give dope artists access to fresh opportunities. As
well, look for how-to workshops and public talks, because community is the foundation of MacFly Fresh.